Want to try something different?

September 13 2018, 09:28pm


WHY DO WE LIVE THE WAY WE DO - Enjoy the opportunity to explore HOW SOCIETY WORKS.  We'll look at the influence of family, religion, education and social media on our attitudes and behaviour, all in a relaxed setting.

TRY A NEW LANGUAGE - A great workout for the brain, and fun too.  Join one of our language classes - we have all levels of FRENCH and SPANISH - and learn to chat with the locals when you're on holidays while making friends here.

DE-STRESS - Join one of our relaxing and stress free classes.  REIKI provides emotional and spiritual nurturing of self in a relaxed atmosphere. Our RELAXATION AND NATURAL WELLBEING course will teach breathing techniques and exercises for relaxation, demonstrate natural remedies for both physical and emotional well-being and teach pressure points for common ailments.  Treat yourself to one of these enjoyable and atmospheric classes.