Awards Ceremony 2019

March 17 2019, 01:15am

Aonghus and Rose 2019

We had an opportunity again, at the end of February, to celebrate the achievements of our students.  Tutors, students, family, friends and staff came together in Naomh Barróg to congratulate all those who had completed courses with us in 2018.

Our guest of honour was the multi-talented Aonghus McAnally, actor, producer, musician, presenter….  Aonghus regaled us with terrifically funny stories, including the shenanigans of himself and Rose in the Gaeltacht, stories that Rose was at pains to deny!  He then very kindly awarded the certificates to the students.  He had hilarious comments for every student bringing a very personal touch to the presentation.  Aonghus was very generous with his time, posing for photos and chatting with the students.

Some of our students were then kind and brave enough to read some writings of their own covering a range of subjects including some very moving pieces on the effect KLEAR has had on their lives, which were very gratifying to hear.

We were then entertained by our Thursday evening Singing Group who sang songs they have learned over the past few months.  The group came together only last October but have become very proficient in those few short months.  They sounded wonderful and got a great reception from the very appreciative audience. Have a look here.

A huge amount of work goes into making this night a success and each year Rose Brownen, our ALO, puts enormous time and energy into it.  She was presented with flowers by Gerry McIntyre, the Chair of the Board of Directors, in appreciation of all her hard work.

Our friends, Charlie and Brendan, entertained us while we enjoyed finger food and cake.  They played on so everyone could dance the night away. 

We are very grateful to Aonghus for his time, kindness and enthusiasm.  A big Thank You to those of the KLEAR staff who worked behind the scenes to make sure that the night went well.

A really great night to remember!

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