Board of Directors seeking new member

November 18 2019, 10:03am


Board of KLEAR seeks new member with accounting experience to act as Treasurer.

KLEAR is a limited company run by a legally constituted voluntary board of management, meeting 6 or 7 times annually, along with a meeting for its Annual General Meeting.  Accounts are kept and audited every year.  The day-to-day management of the organisation is overseen by our Management Committee made up of interested tutors, students and other people co-opted as required.

The board would like to meet any KLEAR student, tutor, or a friend or contact, who would be interested in joining our board to bring a background of accounting to the organisation.

The work would involve audit presentations to the board, reading accounts prior to the board meetings, overseeing financial reports at board meetings, flagging potential areas of risk or concern, participation with the board in relation to other board matters, occasionally attending separate meetings for financial planning etc. 

If you are interested and have time to give, or have a contact who might be interested, please email: and we will organise a meeting with our board.

The board feels that an additional member with this particular experience would be a real bonus to the smooth running of the service.


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