What our CE workers say

  1. Since I joined the CE scheme in KLEAR, I am mixing with all kinds of people – workers, students, teachers and the public in general, and I really love this. It has been a great way to re-start work. The mix of both education and work experience has given me a new sense of confidence and a new mix of skills. I have successfully completed a course in Reception Skills with N.C.U. Coolock. My biggest achievement so far has been the Special Needs Assistant course which I have just finished.

  2. I started my C.E. job four years ago after retiring from Cadburys.  Although working in the café was completely alien to anything I had done before it helped me adjust to a new life-style and the courses I attended as part of my training have added to my C.V.  I would encourage anyone to do a C.E. course as it opens up new options that I never anticipated.