What our students say

Adult Basic Education

  1. I came back to do my Leaving because I left school at 14 and always wanted to come back to education, and I have a great teacher called Geraldine who makes learning interesting and fun.

  2. I came to help my writing skills, something I’ve always wanted to do because I left school early. It was a chance to meet new people.  The groups are small so I feel really comfortable. Since I started to come to KLEAR I feel more confident about filling in forms, writing letters of complaint, expressing myself more clearly.  It’s something I look forward to coming to every week.

  3. I came to KLEAR because at the age of 56 I wanted to learn how to spell.  I’m now doing my Leaving Cert. English.  I would never have thought it possible.


Hobbies & Interests

  1. When I retired I needed something to fill up my time.  Also I wanted a challenge and decided to set myself a goal.

  2. It was the best decision I made to come and meet new people and I have learned so much on the different courses I have taken. The teachers are so caring and nothing is too much for them. 

  3. I was ready to come back to adult education because my children are older and I have a bit more time for myself.  I think it’s great getting back mixing with people and the courses are great. They get you back thinking again and give you a bit more confidence.  My children see me going back to adult education and I think they look up to me more.


English Language Courses

  1. I am taking this opportunity to polish my English. I have a difficulty with spelling and accent because my native language is French.  I also find it hard to pronounce words in English. I have joined KLEAR beginning of this year, my English has improved and I am very grateful.

  2. I’m going back to education because I need to improve my ability to understand and speak English.  With all things that I have to do at home, there is no chance to learn anything. It’s good to have the crèche where to leave the toddler.  It’s good for her to socialise there with the other children and good for me to mix with Irish people.



  1. I want to thank Aileen and the girls at KLEAR as my son is graduating this year and has loved his time there at KLEAR.

  2. My two children have attended crèche and ECCE at KLEAR and I would highly recommend it.

  3. My daughter attended KLEAR and she loved it.  My daughter had great fun and enjoyed learning at KLEAR.